Brownsea island


Soon we will be starting our final topic of Year 2 which is the ‘Seaside’. The children will be looking at the effects of the sea on coastlines and comparing our modern day beaches to how they were in the Victorian times. Yesterday we went to Brownsea Island to learn about the effect of the sea on the beaches and to grasp a better idea on what living things we can find on the beaches. Despite the rain the children loved going on the ferry across to the island and enjoyed activities like Island building to see the effects of erosion for themselves. It was great day had by all!




Thai style cooking


Over the past term we have been looking at the country of Thailand and this week we decided to explore the culture of Thailand a little bit more by trying some Thai Style cooking. We started by comparing some of the meals eaten in Thailand to some of the more traditional meals eaten in England, discussing how the food was different and what impact the weather and farming had on what they ate in Thailand. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and all got involved with chopping the vegetables, grating the carrot and separating the noodles before watching how it was cooked in a large wok.


Poetry Poetry Poetry


We have just finished our small unit on Poetry. Looking at poems from the book ‘Where my Wellies take me’, we have been identifying rhyming couplets and the patterns which they can come in. Some poems have an ABAB rhyming pattern and some have an AABB rhyming pattern. After making a word bank of rhyming words we created our own 4 line poems based on something in Wellow, most of them featured the yummy ice cream of Carlos but some told you about the school, home and the church. After a few weeks of learning, we are poets and we didn’t even know it!

Below are some of the poems written by the children:

The Ice Cream Poem

Carlos is the place to go

Even when it starts to snow

Sometimes I have weird dreams

All about ICE CREAM.

By Ellie


My Cat

My cat sat

On a flat mat

He got woke up by M Pike

He looked at her, what is she like.

By Maisie


My Home

My home is in the sun

And it is very fun

I have a cat

And it sits on a mat

My house is big

And my mum digs

By Hugo










Florence Nightingale


We have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and her relationship with Wellow. First, we looked at her links with the school, and discussed why our school logo was the image of a lamp. After using the ipads to look up facts, we discovered that this was because she was known as ‘The Lady with the lamp’, using her lamp to walk around the hospitals to check on the patients. We also made a timeline which helped us to see the events of Florence’s life from when she was born to when she died. To top it all off, a visitor then came in to visit us with a Florence Nightingale costume so that we could see what kind of clothes they wore when she was alive. After a little bit of convincing, Miss Hancock dressed up in the costume and we couldn’t believe how heavy the material was. We’ve enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale and now have lots of facts to share with others!



Our Wonderful Wellow


This week the children went on a walk to explore their local village of Wellow. Although many of them had walked it before, we were particularly looking at the historic links the village has with Florence Nightingale which connects to our current history topic. We also mapped our journey through story maps, just like we have been in English to follow the journey of ‘Pippa’, who is a character from the book we have been looking at called ‘Where my Wellies take me’.  As you can see from the pictures, it was a walk enjoyed by all!

First Day of School!!


I would just like to say to all of the children and parents, thank you for making my first day as their new class teacher so wonderful. We have had a lovely day making our own Olympic gold medals, looking at what we aim to achieve in school.

Just a few notices:

  • The children all went home with a new reading diary and reading book today. I will be checking these everyday from now on so any messages you wish to give me, i will now be able to see. However if there is something you wish to discuss more privately please email me. Children will also be able to change their reading books once i have seen that it has been read and signed by an adult.


  • As a cohort, the school have decided to participate in the ‘Daily mile’ scheme. It’s aim is to promote physical, social and emotional well-being within school. The scheme involves the children running/jogging/walking 4-5 laps of the field or playground each day which is the equivalent to  1 mile.  The great thing is that it can be done in school uniform, however if you would prefer your child to wear trainers then please provide a pair of trainers to be kept at the school or in p.e kit. More information about the scheme can be found at:


  • Finally, there will be a curriculum news letter coming out very soon. But i thought i would tell you now that P.E and Games for the children will be on a Monday and Friday so you please make sure all the children have kit for these days.

Thank you! 🙂