Potion making and Healthy kebabs


What a brilliant day!

Year 2 measured capacity really carefully to mix potions and then made their healthy balanced kebabs.

Have a happy and safe summer, you have been a superstar class to teach.

from Mrs Rafferty, Mrs Chalke,  Mrs Clarke and Mrs Harris


Year 2 Camp


What a brilliant Day!

The children enjoyed making pirate medallions, building pirate ships and creating pirate hats. The children all worked together in teams in the water races and games- a brilliant way to cool off in the lovely sunny afternoon.

The children were all so excited to set up their tents before searching for clues on the pirate scavenger hunt.

We had our very own ‘take-away’ tea before some time to chat with friends or play ball games.

Once in their pyjamas the children watched a movie with snacks and then it was time for bed.

The children slept brilliantly, they loved chatting and reading by torchlight but they did all eventually drop off!

The day went so quickly and before we knew it, it was breakfast and home time.

The children were fantastic, they worked together, were kind and helped each other.

It was an amazing experience and I must thank all the staff who gave up their Friday evening and Saturday morning and a massive thank you to the parents who helped set up and take down the camp.

What a lovely class, I wish you all a safe and happy summer,

Mrs Rafferty

Learning at Lepe


Year 2 had a brilliant day at Lepe Country Park. With the help of the beach rangers they found lots of living things on the seashore safari and created some fantastic beach art pictures and patterns.

The children loved the play park and pirate compass point game.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time today. It was a fantastic trip and the children were amazing.


Hindu Day


We had a fantastic day on Tuesday learning lots about Hinduism with Susmita Roy. Mrs Roy talked about and shared some of the things she does. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to understand that there are many different religions, each with special and important beliefs, rituals, ideas and practices.

The children enjoyed dressing up, dancing and creating rangoli patterns. They looked at books from India and handled precious artefacts. Mrs Roy told the children the story of Rama and Sita and we followed that up with some fantastic drama.

The children were amazing, they were interested and respectful, asking really thoughtful questions. Mrs Roy commented on the children’s wonderful behaviour and engagement.